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The Club Resource Center’s (CRC) Club Subscription provides a dynamic online training platform to club managers and their staff with direct access to hundreds of essential training courses, publications and resources in a variety of core competency areas including:

The platform is convenient, easy to use and accessible at any time.

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Gone are the days of annually hiring an outside trainer to come in and spend days training your staff. Now all staff have direct access to a plethora of essential training courses available 24/7/365. Plus, club management professionals no longer have to waste valuable time shuffling paperwork to track and record each employee's progress – its all tracked directly within the system!

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Preventing Sexual Harassment: Woman's Face

Preventing Sexual Harassment

Club-Specific Food & Beverage Training: Tableset

Club-Specific Food & Beverage Training

Avoiding Blood-borne Pathogens - Syringe

Avoiding Blood-borne Pathogens


Beer & Spirits & Vino 101 - Raised Glasses

Beer & Spirits
& Vino 101


Uniform System of Financial Reporting for Clubs - Tablet Screen

Uniform System of Financial Reporting for Clubs

Provides a consistent method of financial and operational organization for clubs.

Job Descriptions for the Private Club Industry: Blackboard

Job Descriptions for the Private Club Industry

Write, design and use effective job descriptions for almost every position at city, country, athletic and yacht clubs and residential golf communities/HOAs.

Club Operations & Performance Review

Club Operations & Performance Review

UPDATED in 2016! - A comprehensive collection of operational standards, club checklists, performance assessment tools and best practices of private clubs.

Director’s Guide to Understanding Club Governance - Boardroom

Director’s Guide to Understanding Club Governance

Details how governing bodies of private clubs should function and identifies a series of tested best practices.

CMAA Millennial Insights White Paper

CMAA Millennial Insights White Paper

NEW! – Now ages 21 to 39, Millennials are poised to shake up the club industry. It turns out that many of the intangibles that Millennials say they want are exactly what clubs already can and do offer.

Generational White Papers on Club Management

Generational White Papers on Club Management

In conjunction with the Center for Generational Kinetics and The Club Foundation, the Club Managers Association of America unveils new research uncovering generational attitudes about club memberships, specifically the Millennial demographic.

Finance & Operations

Finance & Operations

The key functional areas in this report include: Member Counts Statistics, Food and Beverage, Golf Operations, Course Maintenance, Sports and Recreation (Non-Golf Sports), General and Administrative, Buildings Maintenance and Operations and Health Care Expenses.

Compensation and Benefits - Life

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation & Benefits Report analyzes club industry compensation including salary, wage, benefits and health insurance characteristics for a variety of salaried and hourly positions.


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    Streamline your staff training process.

    Greatly reduce training overhead costs.

    Assign club-wide staff training goals and

    Emphasize and maintain a service- oriented culture.

    Track and monitor employee progress by individual, team, or entire club.

    Stay compliant by providing accurate reports on each individual user.

As a Club Resource Center (CRC) subscriber and participant of CMAA Annual Reports, you have access to an online data analytics platform. Click here to log in.


The Club Resource Center Club Subscription is a subscription-based program purchasable for your club to easily and efficiently train your staff.
With minimal investment, you will dramatically enhance the efficiency of your club’s training program and reduce the time required to dedicate to it!

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